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We have a strong presence in the industry throughout the world and a huge network that helps us in many aspects.
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When we handle any account we make it a point to keep it update continuously.
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About CBC International?

Established in 1959, CBC International are a UK Debt Collection Agency that has become a specialist in the field of commercial credit consultancy, debt collection and ancillary services. We cater for a diverse range of clients, both domestically in the UK and in the global marketplace.

Our debt collection and credit management clients range from sole traders and partnerships, right through to multi-national corporations, including some well-known PLC’s.

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Debt Recovery80%
Debt Collection92%

Why CBC International

We have a particular specialisation in financial services, where we are engaged for debt collection services by both product providers and networks alike.

  • Because we provide debt collection services for such a wide range of businesses, we have acquired, through experience, understanding and expertise in many industry sectors.
  • We are properly licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority, registered under Data Protection legislation and we are proud of the fact that we have achieved ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Accreditation for many years running.

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Our Services

Here are the lists of services that we provide to our clients with some of the best and dedicated talents in the field.

Financial Recoveries
Our financial recovery team has been in this business for nearly a decade. They have a clear knowledge of what needs to be done.
Debt Recovery Services
Recovering the debt might be tough for you, not for. We will get it done within no time.
Credit Control Outsourcing
Leave the credit control to us. We will make sure that the credit from you is being given to the right candidate.
Debt Claim Legal Services
We have a separate legal team to address any legal issue in regard to debt.

CBC financial is the ideal place to get your finances back on track. They can deal with all sorts of financial issues.

Richard I. Peterman

CBC Financial never compromise on the quality of their services. They are very punctual and dedicated.

Sarah M. Taft

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Latest News

From CBC International

Tips for B2B Debt Collection

Any business cannot be run successfully without smooth functioning in the day to day operations. Any loopholes identified in the manufacturing of products, rending services and even interruption in cash flow cycle or debt overdue can hugely impact the revenue, and sustainability in the B2B market, So here are some tips to improve the B2B Debt Collection:


Know your Business Entity and their Business Thoroughly: Whenever you strike a deal with a customer, lender, business partner or anybody you join hands to do business, It is always crucial to perform a diligent background check about individuals, business entities to be sure they do not harm your business. Always have a backup of legal agreements of this deal including related invoices, loan papers, products, receipts, recordings of client communication and other documents and services you agree to run business with such entities. So that there is no threat of betrayal from the business dealers who would fail to make timely payments and make your debt collection process one step easier.


Do’s and Don’ts of Negotiations: When you enter a negotiation with your business party try to gather all essential information about conditions of talk. Being extremely attentive about what the party communicates and getting all conversations recorded is very useful in the debt collection process. Knowing the eligibility, debt collection laws and the amount that a debtor would owe you is what matters at the end of this debt collection process. The environment of negotiation should be calm and use a professional tone to talk. Do not threaten or be loud to your debtor. It is highly advisable to avoid getting into heated arguments with debtor or third party involved. Accept the timeframe and word of the debtor gracefully to recover your debt.


When to Initiate Demand letter and Follow up rules: Now that your relationship with the debtor has been firmly established based on trust, sound decision making, knowing each other’s benefits through service rendered. After reaching a stage of stable professional connection, you realize the debtor has surpassed the due date for payment or has past dues pending this would be the right time to send first communication letter known as demand letter reminding debtor to pay for the dues. A demand letter would state the amount, recovery time and a chance for the debtor to respond by agreeing to pay either in partial or full settlement. If debtors fail to respond then, the business party can follow up with regular calls or emails.


Hire A Debt Collection Agency to safeguard business reputation: When the above method does not work business can seek professional from a B2B collection agency to recover dues from the debtor to protect its reputation in the market at cheap commission rates.

File a Lawsuit at the Court: This is the last step when other options have failed by submitting enough pieces of evidence against the creditor to the court for recovery of all the debt.