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It doesn’t happen often, but customers can sometimes withhold payment of an invoice for all manner of reasons. This is what’s known as a dispute.

But before you go down the time consuming, costly and uncertain road of appointing a solicitor to try to recover your money through the courts, there are ways a debt collection company like CBC International can help.

If the disputed debt is for £10,000 or above, you could appoint us to act as an intermediary between your organisation and the debtor who’s lodged the dispute, to see if we can bring about a resolution before it goes to court.

Coming to us first is a wise move, as the Courts will ask about the steps you’ve taken to resolve the commercial debt dispute before involving legal action – alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is seen as preventative action.

When you’d like us to conduct mediation or intervention on your behalf, we’ll agree a flat fee before arranging a resolution meeting which both parties will attend. We’ll also bring along all the necessary paperwork needed.

Check out all you need to know about our dispute resolution services – as specialists in commercial debt recovery we are skilled and experienced in helping you recover the money you’re owed.