Cash Flow Finance

Most businesses rely on bank overdraft facilities to finance growth and to sustain adequate working capital requirements. However, whilst this might seem an appropriate form of finance, it does not take account of a businesses plans for expansion. Overdraft limits can soon be reached, which can stifle the earnings potential of the concern.

Cash Flow – Independent Finance for Businesses

We can offer alternative independent flexible Cash Flow Finance which takes account of the need for growth and is, therefore, geared to the actual sales of the business. The more sales achieved, the more funding becomes available, without the need for further formal negotiation for increasing previously agreed overdraft facilities.

Up to 90% of the value of invoices submitted for payment today are paid tomorrow:

  • Vital Cash Released
  • No Restriction On Low Value Invoices
  • Can Include Professional Credit Control
  • Full Risk Assessment On Your Customers
  • Bad Debts Reduced
  • Customer Contact Can Remain with You
  • Flexible Approach – You May Exclude Chosen Customers

We can search out the best deal for your specific business and can turn your sales into cash in 24 hours. Because this is independent finance, it is not subject to the restrictions of the main banking institutions.


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