Commercial Debt Advice Centre

How much of your money is in your customers' bank accounts?

Client Advice Centre

Using our Commercial Debt Advice Centre we can calculate how long your customers are taking to pay – Just enter your figures here and you will be provided with the average collection period or days sales outstanding. (DSO)

You can e-mail our credit management team with a request to forecast a reduction in DSO and we can tell you how much cash would need to be collected in order to achieve the reduction – Remember that just a 1 day reduction could amount to a significant amount of money – And that needs to be in your bank account – not your customers.

Click here to use our Debt Collection Calculator.

Ask A Credit Management Question

You can e-mail us with any credit management related questions and we will do our best to come back to you with the answer as soon as possible – remember, we are commercial credit consultants and we are available to give advice on all aspects of credit control, collecting, cash planning etc.

Our advice centre is available to all enquirers, whether you are an existing client or not, and is free of charge.


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