Credit Insurance

Whether you are dealing domestically or internationally, clearly, it makes sense to seek the protection of a competitive, yet sound insurance policy. It might even improve your credit rating with your bank and other financial institutions. Here are just a few common issues that clients have:

  • Bad Debt Insurance
  • What proportion of your current assets is locked up in credit sales?
  • This could be as much as 50% and that’s enough to make any business ‘run for cover’.

Protection against trade losses

Considering our other facilities are designed to help reduce exposure to trade losses, credit insurance serves to strengthen that resolve. In the last resort, should your customer cease to trade, you can rest assured with the knowledge that you will recover a large proportion of your investment in the insolvent business.

There are numerous influencing factors which can affect the settlement of accounts apart from the default of your customer and this also applies to overseas credit transactions. However, providing the right procedures are followed, there is absolutely no reason why good business should not be obtained in the UK and abroad – our credit management services can help your business. The right approach could open the doors to your company and allow you to expand your market potential with the minimum risk of non-payment.

We can arrange cover on your behalf and ensure that the most economic and comprehensive policy is secured and that your businesses specific needs are catered for.


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