Debt Dispute Case Examples

We have highlighted a few examples of recent projects we have carried out for our clients.  Our debt dispute and mediation services span a wide range of issues within the debt recovery business.  However, in most cases it is much more beneficial and cost-effective to come to an agreement without the need to take legal action and go to court.

Here at CBC International, we are fully experienced and accredited to carry out mediation and intervention with you and your debtors.  Our professional approach has resolved a very high volume of debt dispute cases without having to take legal action for debt resolution.

Case Example 1

  • A Construction firm commenced Court action for the balance of a substantial sum owed
  • The Defendant was refusing to pay claiming they had been overcharged for the work done
  • The Court referred the case to mediation
  • During mediation underlying personal issues were unearthed causing a breakdown in communication – both felt their reputation had been affected
  • The builder agreed financial concessions and customer agreed to pay an accepted amount
  • Thousands of pounds in legal costs were saved and reputations restored

Case Example 2

  • A self-employed Financial Adviser owes £23k advanced by his Network Organisation in respect of loan agreement linked to future sales
  • Debt would be written-off if adviser stays with Network until a specified date and introduces agreed level of business
  • Adviser leaves before specified date saying did not receive adequate level of support from the Network in order to achieve agreed level of turnover
  • Parties agree to Intervention and after debate negotiate a settlement on the day and adviser agrees to a full and final payment of £14k to the Network
  • Legal action was avoided saving substantial costs and time

Case Example 3

  • Financial Adviser is adjudged by the Financial Ombudsman to have sold a policy inappropriate for the client due to the high risk of the capital sum invested and is ordered to pay compensation of £70k.
  • The Adviser is a member of a Network Organisation who has paid compensation to the client
  • The Adviser disputes the ruling saying he will fight the case in Court as the policy had not been miss-sold as the client was made fully aware of the risk and the policy was checked through the Network’s compliance department
  • The parties agree to Intervention and agreement is reached on the day for the Adviser to settle with a payment of £40k to the Network
  • Legal action was avoided saving substantial costs and time

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