Debt Step 2 Worldwide

CBC International is established and highly reputable in the field of commercial debt recovery. We conduct our Worldwide debt recovery service on a no collection, no commission fee basis (excluding disbursements) We charge a rate of commission only on the money successfully recovered.

Our Worldwide Collection Rates

Commercial Accounts up to 12 Months Overdue:

Debt Location Pre- Litigation Post- Litigation
Worldwide 25% 30%
Extract Terms & Conditions (see full terms & conditions)

  • Special commission rates are negotiable for regular and/or high value instructions.
  • Please be aware – The minimum charge on any monies collected is £30.00.  For example, if the debt recovered is £100.00 and the commission rate is 25.0%, the commission to be paid to the agency will be £30.00 as opposed to £25.00.
  • Bulk referrals that you wish to refer to CBC International can be sent to (We suggest that bulk referrals are submitted in a Microsoft Excel format to ensure that recovery can begin with immediate effect)