RMI Debt Recovery Services


RMI Debt Recovery Services is conducted on a no collection, no fee basis (excluding disbursements). We charge a rate of commission only on money successfully recovered.

Whether it’s simply an overdue account or a difficult ‘hardcore’ debt, our collection division is specifically geared to retrieve your money as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Each debtor file is given individual attention, irrespective of its value. It is our aim to negotiate settlement without recourse to legal action. However, if legal action is necessary, we will inform you of possible costs and obtain your approval prior to proceeding, we are able to continue to judgement and enforcement if necessary. Throughout our collection activity we will keep you fully informed of developments through regular updates.

The RMI collection service goes beyond simple debt collection. Our comprehensive debt recovery package provides you with a range of complimentary services. We can also assist you to incorporate a clause in your contract, which facilitates the recovery of any costs incurred as a result of non-payment by your customer. In effect, our services can be employed at no cost to you however, this would require further discussion.

As an RMI member, you can expect to receive all the advice you need when it comes to recovery of your money, we have even compiled some useful hints & tips that you can use in the prevention of debt in the first place.

You may like to view our Client Feedback page, which includes recommendations provided by some of your fellow RMI Members that have benefited from our services.

We are properly licensed through the Office of Fair Trading, registered under the Data Protection Act and we are full members of The Credit Services Association (“CSA”). In addition, we are accredited to the internationally recognised quality standard ISO: 9001:2008.



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