The Sekundi group was a concept created by three founding partners in 2008. It’s formation was designed to assist clients throughout Europe recover money quickly and efficiently, whilst utilising a network of local specialists. This meant that language would no longer be a barrier when conducting debt recovery work, as collections are dealt with in the local language.

In addition to the language benefits, all partners within the group have a great deal of expertise in professional credit management and an in depth knowledge of their local legislation, rules & standard practices. This is vital for clients who wish to receive a high quality service and excellent results.

The design and development of each partner’s scope of services is individually coordinated based on regional demands. The result of this is that different services can be offered in individual countries. Please find below, examples of such services:

Should you require any further information on how this partnership can benefit you, please contact us on +44 (0) 151 515 3014 , email us or contact us online.


Since it’s creation in 2008, Sekundi has developed into a network of partners that is able to assist clients in over 25 different countries throughout Europe, North Africa & South America (Including The Caribbean & Mexico). The network continues to grow and is constantly sourcing new partners to service additional territories. CBC International is the appointed collection specialist within the United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland and a list of our fellow partners can be found below.


List Of Partners